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We provide professional cleaning of Carpet, Upholstery, Tile and More.

We clean most carpets by providing a steam cleaning followed by a post bonnet cleaning.  First we pre-vacuum the carpets to remove the loose particulate soil, and dander and hair that is embedded in the carpets.  Next, we pre-spray the carpets to suspend the soil and emulsify the spots and stains.  Then we perform a hot water extraction with both a glided wand and edging tool to flush out the soils and oils from the carpets.  Finally we post bonnet clean the carpets with a buffer and gentle carpets to help dry the carpets and provide an even higher level of clean.

We clean most upholstery as follows:   We pre-vacuum the upholstery to remove the loose dirt, hair and other particulate matter.  We then set up a work area by placing a large drop cloth on the floor near the furniture.  We then pre-spray all the loose cushions with our upholstery pre-spray, and brush the pre-spray into the fabric using a fine horse hair upholstery brush.   Then we flush the upholstery clean using a high performance heated extractor with a high end jetless upholstery tool.  Finally, we towell off the edges, buttons and welts with soft terry cloth towells.  The upholstery dries in a few hours soft and residue free.

Here is how we clean Tile:  First we vacuum the tile to remove the loose dirt.   Then we spray a very effective tile and grout cleaner on the grout lines and face of the tile.  We scrub the grout lines with a grout brush and we scrub the top of the tile with a different stiff brush.  Then we clean the tile and grout with a 1200 psi machine the uses  a higher rinse and vac to flush the tiles clean.  The results are simply amazing.

We also provide encapsulation cleaning of commercial glue down carpets.  We clean leather and auto an boat interiors.  We clean other specialty fabrics too.

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